Driving Innovation

ColorChip brings high speed data transmission to the world’s top mega-datacenters and enterprises. We are the pioneering global leader of hyperscale single-mode solutions, leveraging our patented SystemOnGlassTM platform to deliver robust yet compact optical transceivers that support immense rates of data-intensive traffic. Our high speed solutions and end-to-end production processes push mega data centers and social media providers far into the future, and bring communities everywhere closer together.

Empowering Communities

For ColorChip, the real value of innovation is in bringing communities closer together.
Our entire line of solutions is focused primarily on empowering communities, ensuring people can communicate faster and better, anytime, anywhere.

Each of our breakthroughs is introduced into the market by ColorChip’s strong team of passionate professionals, who share in our corporate mission of making communication much faster. We fuse together cutting-edge ideas with inspiring innovation, while uniting people from different backgrounds, to create a meaningful meeting of minds that makes ColorChip truly revolutionary.

Corporate Responsibility

Increasing our impact on environmental changes and social advancements

Conflict Free
Code of
Corporate Quality

ColorChip maintains the highest standards of ethical conduct, in all our levels of operation and supply chain. Our policy for materials procurement advocates sourcing materials from environmentally and socially responsible sources, including those that obtain key minerals crucial for the electronics industry. We verify that our vendors are aligned with the current global standards, and insist on responsible mineral sourcing involving smelters and refineries that do not contribute to unethical mining or trading.

By sourcing conflict-free minerals and running a conflict free supply chain for all our products, ColorChip is committed to making a difference, and helping shape the way sourcing practices support global advancement.

Conflict Mineral

ColorChip’s Code of Conduct embraces ethical forms of behavior to encourage the spirit of proper moral conduct, for an empowering work environment. We abide by this code and nurture adequate interpersonal conduct throughout the company’s silos, instilling good practices across the entire scope of our operating model.

Based on ColoChip’s core values, our Code of Conduct leads the way forward with a culture of excellence, both externally – in the products we craft and the level of service we offer, and internally – between our employees, with vendors, partners, and stakeholders.


ColorChip’s corporate and product certifications acknowledge the highest level of quality maintained in all our processes. As a technology leader, we comply with the most stringent requirements and our processes are systematically audited, controlled, and monitored.

On all levels of engagement, these stamps of approval confirm our first-in-class quality products, and continued improvements in all aspects of our business.


ISO Certification

TUV Certification

FDA Registration



D&B Credibility Mark

ColorChip business acumen aligns quality with corporate goals and priorities. Our commitment to making communication networks run much faster, drives us to create
hyper-scale optical communications solutions that allow communities to be closer together, across the globe. We facilitate rapid communication worldwide, by designing, manufacturing, and supplying multi benefit optical communication devices that entail seamless scalability and shorter time to mass produce.

Together, the ColorChip team on all levels of our operating model, strives to maximize work processes, optimize our products, and prioritize our service principles. For our top
mega-datacenter clients, our patented SystemOnGlassTM has proven beneficial on multiple levels, meeting the need for future-proof, multi-generation robust solutions.  Complying with global standards for quality and ethical responsibility, we continuously improve and refine our corporate culture and overall quality standards.

Management Team

Yigal Ezra

Chief Executive Officer

Yigal Ezra

Chief Executive Officer

Yigal Ezra joined the company as Vice President of Business Development and Global Sales in 2011. During his first three years at ColorChip, Yigal focused on defining an application platform that would enable mega Data Centers transition to higher data rates and longer reach applications for the next decade. Among his strategic initiatives was the launch of the industry’s first 100G QSFP28 CWDM4 Transceiver in 2014, which was later accepted by the Open Compute Project (OCP) community as a transceiver of choice.

Following the industry’s adoption of ColorChip’s 40G/100G solutions, Yigal has been focused on building a scalable organization, securing growth funds, expanding the company’s production capacity both in its Israeli headquarters and on an off-shore location, aligning industry-wide eco-system players and constructing a multi-disciplinary management team to achieve and maintain high operational excellence.

Yigal is working diligently to translate the critical challenges that impede data centers future growth, into a roadmap consisting of cutting edge solutions based on ColorChip’s unique technology.

Prior to joining ColorChip, Yigal served in several senior corporate development and strategy positions at Fortune 500 telecom and Internet companies including Amdocs, VeriSign, and inCode. His experience in managing new business and key growth strategies in these prior positions continue to be instrumental to his leadership and visionary approach at ColorChip. Yigal holds an MBA from Emory University, Goizueta Business School, and a BA in Economics and Accounting from Ben-Gurion University.

Eli Arad

VP R&D and Engineering

Eli Arad

VP R&D and Engineering

Eli Arad joined the founding team of ColorChip, and has since led the company’s R&D division. Eli brings with him nearly two decades of industrial experience in developing PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) devices and optoelectronic systems. He is a renowned expert in fabrication and processing of active and passive optical waveguided devices, applying technologies that are based on Lithium Niobate and ion exchange in glass.

Eli holds an MSc in Physical Electronics from Tel Aviv University.

Shai Belzer

Chief Financial Officer

Shai Belzer

Chief Financial Officer

Shai Belzer joined ColorChip after gaining extensive experience while serving in several executive financial positions in hi-tech companies within the communications industry.

Prior to joining ColorChip, Shai served as the Chief Financial Officer of CyOptics Inc., a leading optical components manufacturer backed by investors that include JVP, The Sprout Group, TowerBrook Capital Partners and Eurofund. During his tenure at CyOptics Shai successfully raised more than $50M of funding from Strategic and Global investors; presented the company to the Board and shareholders, played a key role in the company’s M&A activities and in  the acquisition of TriQuint (NASDAQ: TQNT) Semiconductor optoelectronic division (formerly Agere Systems) and Cenix Inc. Technology opto-division.

Prior to CyOptics Shai held various financial management roles in leading companies, including Elscint (Advanced Medical Imaging Systems Manufacturer), later acquired by Philips and G.E.

Shai holds an MBA and a BA in Economics, both from the University of Haifa.

Windy Ju

VP Engineering

Windy Ju

VP Engineering

Windy Ju Joined the company as Vice President of Engineering in 2021. Windy focused on transceiver Engineering capability and manufacturing capability set up during the first year. The product cover 100G QSFP28 CWDM4/LR4, 200G QSFP56 FR4, 400G QSFPDD DR4/FR4, and multi-mode 100G QSFP28 SR4/200G QSFP56 SR4/400G QSFPDD SR8 and AOC, etc. The capacity ramp up from 30K single-mode to 150K single-mode products and 150K Multi mode products per quarter in Q1 2022.

Windy brings with him nearly twenty years of industrial experience in developing transceiver and Optics NPI. He is also an expert in solving difficult problems in R&D, engineering, and field applications and bringing products to market quickly. He has a unique understanding of product quality control, reliability verification, and laser ageing. He also has a strong awareness of process control, ramp control, cost control, and has achieved excellent results.

Windy holds a Master of Electronic Information Engineering from Soochow University.

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