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BIRD Foundation Invests $9M In 11 New Israeli-American Cooperative Projects

The Israel-US Binational Industrial R&D Foundation (BIRD) announced that it will invest up to $9 million in 11 new projects in the areas of 3D printing, agro-technology, information security, and homeland security, among others. During a meeting of the BIRD Board of Governors $8.9 million in funding was approved for 11 new cooperative projects between American and Israeli companies. The companies will also be able to receive private sector funding, putting the total value of all of the projects at about $25 million. Some of the cooperative projects include those between ColorChip, based in Yokne’am, and Gigoptix, based in San Jose, as well as between Genome Compiler and Amyris, Stratasys and Graphene Technologies. The BIRD Foundation looks to promote collaboration between Israeli and American companies in various technological fields for the purpose of joint product development.