Multi- benefit hybrid platform that reinvents datacenter dynamics

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Wafer Scale Ion Exchange Process

Wiring ideal waveguides, quickly, effortlessly

ColorChip’s’ Planar-Lightwave-Circuit technology is based on the Ion-Exchange in glass fabrication method to generate Single Mode Fiber-like optical waveguides inside a proprietary glass substrate. To generate a specific geometric structure, a photolithography mask is used to create the waveguide on the glass surface, where the region that remains exposed defines the waveguide structure. The waveguides are then created due to the unique behavior of the glass substrate at very high temperatures.  Some ions diffuse into the substrate and replace the glass sodium ions. Thus the name,  Ion Exchange.

SystemOnGlass™:  Photonic Integration, Perfected

Hybrid, multilane optical heads

SystemOnGlass™ is ColorChip’s patented hybrid photonic integrated circuit, fusing both active and passive components together.
In an automated process, our advanced proprietary placement machines are used to mount active optical components onto the unique glass substrate that has embedded circular waveguides. The result is a compact optical head that has multiple benefits, featuring an excellent integration with best of breed components and ultimate scalability across data rates. The same platform has been at the heart of ColorChip’s entire line of high performance transceivers.

Automated Industrialized Optics 

Fully controlled production ecosystem

Running unique manufacturing methods, ColorChip not only develops advanced optical communication solutions but also vertically integrates and fabricates our core PLC technology in our wholly owned and operated fab center. We built automated assembly lines based on proprietary scalable machines, for our full control of the entire production phase, including cutting edge optical engine and transceiver integration, as well robust automated test stations.
With hundreds of thousands of optical transceivers produced in the same production lines, ColorChip boasts limitless manufacturability that addresses the pressing need for high speed data flow.


Multiple Benefit Technology

Seamless Compatibility

The glass platform offers perfect
integration with all types of lasers

Ultimate scalability

Move seamlessly with same proven platform across generations, from 40G through 100G to 400G and beyond.

One optical path

SystemOnGlassTM lets light travel through one single medium, with marginal losses.

Limitless manufacturability

Same manufacturing floor supports unlimited portfolio of products.