Power & performance for
mega-datacenters of the future

ColorChip’s line of compact hot-pluggable communication solutions deliver high-speed data transmission that keeps up with the surge in data rates. As a category leader and OCP transceiver of choice, our SystemOnGlass integrated optics platform is redefining the capacity of top-tier carrier-grade datacenters with limitless growth. Our proven products are hyperscale by design, extending datacenters’ interconnect far beyond their current roadmaps, simply done over the same substrate – glass. Adaptable to multiple approaches, our cost-effective solutions fit any form factor, running low power, and minimal TCO levels.


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Hyper Scale Solutions

Moving data into the future, faster

FR4 Lite (500m, PAM4) Demo 17'
FR4 (2km, PAM4) Demo '18
Dual CWDM4 (2km, NRZ) Demo '17
DR4 (500m, PAM4) Demo '18
FR4 (2km, PAM4) Demo '18
2 x 200G FR4 (2km, PAM4) Roadmap


Multi-benefit products

Radically Low Power Consumption

30% power savings on a transceiver
level, running up to 2.6W.

Proven high-volume field performance

Hundreds of thousands of units
deployed worldwide.

Three-generation backward compatibility

Interoperability concept that ensures
futureproofing the datacenter


Full control over entire design process,
with manufacturability that offers
lowest dollar-per-gigabyte.

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